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About Us

Who We Are

Dore Lake Lodge in Dore Lake, Saskatchewan has been operating since 1957. Originally constructed by the Fellows & Bishops, the lodge and 3 cabins were brought in for the tourism potential Dore Lake had to offer.  Between 1959 & 1960 six additional cabins were built to accommodate the popularity of the lodge. A new lodge store was constructed in 1963 complete with a freezer for guests to take home fish and a lunch counter. Our main focus the next couple of years will be working on upgrading the facility and amenities Dore Lake Lodge has to enhance our guest experience. Please follow our social media pages and website for current updates. There is some rich history to explore here at Dore Lake we hope to create an atmosphere akin to home when you choose to stay with us and we are so pleased to have the opportunity to meet each and everyone who adds Dore Lake Lodge to their vacation list.

Mission Statement

We look to provide our customers with a world class fishing and hunting experience, exceptional customer service and to grow the love of Dore Lake Lodge to the next generation of fishermen & women. We look forward to sharing the beauty and tranquility of Dore Lake with those who choose to explore our destination.


Thank you for checking out our website, we are Ian and Nicolle McCallum, we left Lloydminster in May 2021 to a new adventure in a place we have grown to absolutely love the last few years. Many memories have been made in this piece of paradise with our family & friends and we now want to share our experiences with existing and new clients.

Dore Lake is classified as a world class fishing experience easily accessible by road. We knew there was something special about Dore Lake Lodge and the clientele base that has been here since 1957. We are excited to take this journey with everyone and look forward to welcoming back existing clients and getting to know newcomers.

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